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  • Lawitt Hamilton offers a new product for an ICO start-up

Lawitt Hamilton offers a new product for an ICO start-up

Happy to inform you that the company Lawitt Hamilton Tax and Legal offers technical product with full legal support for the conduct of the ICO project "turnkey", namely the preparation and maintenance of the project for the legal procedure of initial distribution of tokens (ICO) to offer one of the following jurisdictions: Republic of Malta, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Estonia.

The list of services consists of 4 components: legal training, technical platform and technical support based on the WEB-Platform for ICO, delivered in the form of SAAS-solutions, optimized for legal requirements within the chosen jurisdiction, as well as legal support.

The services include:

1. Business modeling, in the form of a comparative Memorandum for the three above countries, which includes a description of each jurisdiction in terms of requirements for companies launching an ICO;

2. Preparation of documents for ICO;

3. Legal-memo describing the main requirements for the ICO-project;

4. Finalizing legal due diligence of the system, documentation and the procedures before starting ICO

Consultation is free.

For more information, please follow the link: http://www.lhlegalit.com/
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